Does Trek deliver real time info?

Traffic is inevitable, delays happen and prices can surge. We move quick to deliver you the latest information for parking availability, train and bus schedules, traffic conditions and more.

Real Time Traffic

Traffic conditions are represented in 3 colours.

Green for smooth traffic

Yellow for mild traffic

Red for heavy traffic 


Real Time Parking Availability

The latest parking situation can be found once you’ve clicked on a route. Next to the P icon, we’ll let you know how many bays are available.

Green for ≥100 bays available

Yellow for ≥50 bays available

Red for ≥1 bays available

Full for 0 available

Train and Bus Schedules & Frequency

Once you’ve clicked on the route that has a bus, train or rail leg, we’ll either let you know how long you’ll have to wait till the next one arrives or how frequent they come.

In  until the next bus/train/rail arrives

In  the next bus/train/rail arrives in

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