How do I start a journey?

Set Destination & Origin

Tap on Where to and search for a place. Select your desired location and tap Plan Journey to search for your transit options.

Search Tip: If you’re searching for a common name like McDonald’s, always add in the location place to gain greater accuracy (e.g. McDonald’s SS2)

You can change your origin point by tapping on Your Current Location after entering your destination.

Transit Options & Journey Details

Once you’ve added in your destination, click Plan Journey and you will be presented with different combo routes from the best (fastest + cheapest), fastest & cheapest. The total estimated time and price is shown right side of the screen as you compare and select which option to take.

Upon selecting an option, you will get detailed time, price & information of each individual leg of your journey. Tap     once you’re ready.

Live Navigation

On your journey, you’ll be able to see upcoming & past legs by sliding the cards that appear on your navigation screen.

Tapping on Navigate will link you to Waze, Google Maps or HERE WeGo app in your phone. Cards with real-time information will update automatically as you go.

Tapping Back will prompt a request to end your journey. To not have Trek running in the background, tap End to end your journey.

Journey Feedback

We’d love to hear from you. Rate your experience at the end of your journey and help us improve our services!

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